Can You Guess Which of These ICD-10 Codes Are Actually Real?

With the impending implementation of ICD-10 codes on October 1st, people have started to take note of all the new codes and they have found that some of them are pretty ridiculous. Going from having 13,000 billing codes under ICD-9’s coding system, which has been around since 2002, to 68,000 codes with ICD-10 will be a huge adjustment for everyone in the healthcare industry.

The new codes range from a little unbelievable to absolutely absurd, begging people on social media in healthcare to wonder “what’s the point of this new diagnostic coding system?” ICD-10 matters though and here’s why:

  1. It is vital to health care reform as it will help patients achieve better quality of care, improved care access and lower costs
  2. It will improve quality reporting programs like PQRS
  3. It will include new procedures and references to medical breakthroughs/innovations
  4. It will help researchers to have a better, more focused understanding of public health
  5. It will enable physicians to be more efficiently reimbursed for the care they are providing

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With all these new codes though, how is someone to tell which codes are for real? Take our quiz to see if you can guess which of these ICD-10 codes are real and which ones are fake.