SEO: Tricks for Healthcare Marketing Success

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Are you a healthcare marketer with a small marketing budget? Well, you don’t have to hire some big shot search engine optimization expert to improve your website’s organic rankings. The reality is that we are spending less and less each year on healthcare marketing, always looking for more cost effective strategies and doing more with less. Working with healthcare marketing agencies that have proven results is of course ideal, but there are a few small daily activities you can be doing yourself.

By implementing a few of these tasks into your everyday marketing efforts, you can improve the quality of your website and start ranking better organically on Google so patients can find you more easily.


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SEO Trick #1: Repurpose old blogs

Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel every week to come up with fresh blog content. If you have a small team of content developers, this will come in handy. Find high performing evergreen posts, optimize the call-to-actions in the post, optimize the title, rewrite the opening of the article and then update the post date. Boom, medical marketing success in the works.


SEO Trick #2: Focus on long-tail keyword phrases

By focusing on long-tail search terms, you have a better chance of ranking for those specific terms and converting your visitors. Don’t try to rank for shorter terms with more competition just because they have a higher search volume. You have to walk before you can run.


SEO Trick #3: Use anchor text

If you’ve nailed down the long-tail terms you want to optimize for, don’t forget to make those terms anchor text, linking to related content within your blog. This will show search engines that you’re an authority on those terms and have valuable content. When you reach out to other bloggers, encourage them to use the same anchor text to link to your articles.


SEO Trick #4: Search for syndication opportunities

Almost every publication is willing to syndicate content, with the exception of TechCrunch. Instead of pitching ideas to healthcare reporters and hoping they’ll link to you, consider sharing your blog content with them and letting them know they can use your content for the low, low cost of anchor text.


SEO Trick #5: Know your competition

All these tricks are great, but if you don’t have a goal in mind it will be fruitless. You should be working on ranking higher for certain terms, but if you don’t know who you’re competing against, you might not know that you CAN’T compete with them. This all comes down to your domain authority grade. Add the MOZ Chrome extension to check out how you match up against other websites to see how much work you have to do.


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