The New Marketing Trend: Using Snapchat to Market Your Services

the new marketing trend using snapchat to market your services

Snapchat is a mobile phone messaging service that enables users to share text, photos, and videos with friends via cell phones for short periods of time. This social media platform provides incredible marketing opportunities for various business. Depending on your business, you can garner quite a following. For example, Cosmopolitan Magazine is getting 3 million views a day! So, how exactly can you utilize Snapchat for healthcare marketing?

Keep In Mind Your Audience

Healthcare businesses must realize that their marketing to a young audience while using Snapchat. However, your practice’s photos/videos should be appropriate and professional. You should put out consistent high quality content and visuals. Don’t forget when developing content and videos to keep in mind HIPPA privacy laws. Always ask patients whether it is ok to write about them, take photos, or used them in videos. Gear the content that you write to a younger audience. Write about health and wellness, special promotions, or news about your practice.

Creating a day in the life of a nurse, doctor, or whomever in your office can be an effective Snapchat video for your practice or hospital. Focus on new staff introductions, special promotions for awareness of a certain illness, or new products when developing content. This social platform works well as it is simple to use and creates a sense of belonging.

If you’re hoping to connect with patients, Snapchat is ideal for your practice. A good healthcare marketing agency can help you create videos, and content for Snapchat. However, if your healthcare facility serves older patients Snapchat may not the right marketing tool for you.

Create Content That Is Informative

Create content that is informative and short. Use great photos and produce short videos and ads.  Mobile users don’t want time to watch long videos or read long texts hence why Snapchat limits the video/images run time to 24 hours. You can constantly create fresh, new content to share with your following.

Go behind the scenes of your doctor’s office or hospital services to give patients a look at something unique and informative. Feature a doctor, nurse, food worker or other medical staff member that has done something unique recently. Another great option is to take photos and videos of health fairs, special events, and new equipment.

Paid Opportunities on Snapchat

Snapchat Ads are great way to capture your potential audience. It is a 10 second vertical video that is seen full screen on a mobile device. An ad for a hospital or doctor’s office will get views from many new potential patients. Snapchat has another paid advertising option called Geofilters.  They are small high quality graphics designed to show up on Snaps. When users add your graphic and take a Snap other users will know where and why they took the photo. It is a way to promote your doctor’s office or hospital. These graphics can be used on articles, photos and text messages for special promotions.

Lenses are another paid advertising feature on Snapchat for businesses.  It allows viewers to play interactive games with video ads. When the user presses down on a face of a person in the video ad it shows a cute animation for the user. These videos ads can be sent to multiple users using this feature.

Snapchat is a powerful healthcare marketing tool because it focuses on mobile users. A good healthcare marketing company can help you design content, videos, and video ads that bring healthcare referrals from Snapchat. Professional content, videos, and advertising are part of healthcare marketing.

Contact Atlantic Health Solutions to learn more about healthcare marketing using Snapchat and other social media tools. Start today to develop a healthcare marketing program that works for you.

By Joan Russell