3 Healthcare Marketing Musts

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Healthcare marketing is an important part of gaining new patients for healthcare providers. The Pew Research Center discovered that more caregivers and patients are using online media to form healthcare decisions. After all, patients are constantly searching online for information on medical treatments, doctor recommendations and hospital reviews on the Internet. Over 77% of health consultations begin with patients searching for information using Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

With this in mind, what are the top 3 healthcare marketing trends that healthcare providers need to know? The first is to create a mobile optimized website, develop good search engine optimization, and connect to social media and develop informative content.

Design an Easy To Use Website With Mobile Access

Many patients today use mobile phones and tablets to search for medical information. How fast the page on your website loads is tremendously important to your users. After all, who wants to wait for every web page to load when they can just go to another website that will populate automatically? Mobile web pages that don’t display correctly will lose potential customers.

Many men and women use mobile devices at work, home, and even when traveling. A website must be designed for all users including those searching on mobile devices or you’re simply missing a huge pool of potential patients. A website with an easy to use menu, buttons and graphics can ensure users a stress-free visit.

Develop A Good SEO Strategy

A healthcare marketing agency can help you find the best keywords to describe your practice or hospital. They can research competitor keywords and come up with the best keywords for you. It’s important to be listed locally on search engines that target your geographic area too. Good ranking certainly takes time and effort.

Another way to boost your search results is to list your healthcare facility or doctor’s office on healthcare search platforms. There are many medical office listing sites like RateMDs and ZocDoc that come with downloadable applications. Before signing up with a healthcare search platform, connect with other doctors to see how it rates with them. Find out if they have had any new patients from using these sites.

Develop Social Media Presence

Social media is a way to interact with patients on the Internet. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter give you a chance to connect with patients regularly through reliable channels. You can create informative content and attract new patients to your practice or healthcare facility. Social media is used by caregivers and patients. They all have family and friends that they can provide referrals too.

Blogs, videos, and promotions keep patients coming back to your site and office. Photo, videos, and written content are powerful marketing tools to keep patients talking about your doctor’s office or hospital. It is a way to garner positive testimonials which can be posted on your website and social media page. A good healthcare marketing company will help you design an effective marketing campaign for your healthcare business.

Atlantic Marketing Solutions can help you design a healthcare marketing strategy to take advantage of these easy and powerful trends. We can design an adaptive website, improve your search engine optimization, create a powerful social media campaign, and develop great content. A healthcare marketing company helps you compete creatively.

By Joan Russell