10 Blog Ideas For Your Weight Loss Center

10 Blog Ideas for your weight loss center

Weight loss is never easy no matter who you are. When you run a professional medical weight loss center it pays to have a blog on your website with helpful articles about weight loss to guide people along the difficult road. This means articles about diet, recipes, exercise, and techniques that make losing weight easier. Blogs provide patients with useful information that promotes your weight loss center and serves as good healthcare marketing.

Write Profiles of Successful Patients That Lost Weight

Blog or write detailing the success of men, women and children who have lost weight on your program. Tell about how they did it, what they ate, how long it took, and the frustrations they faced. This will give other patients an idea of how well your program works. Provide some positive points about your weight loss program and how it caters to different types of individuals.

Review Some of the Latest Diets Trends

Review some of the latest diet trends. Pointing out the difference between a healthy diet is a fad diet can teach clients what to avoid. An article written by a doctor will earn the respect of patients. Keep patients on the right track by providing up to date information and findings about healthy diets rather than fruitless fad diets.

Overview Tools that Help With Weight Loss

Write blogs about the proper way to keep a food diary for those that are counting calories. Many people try to track their dietary habits and progress, but simply don't know how to keep it up. How do you plan and write a menu for the week? These are topics your weight loss patients will want to know about. Review some of the electronic applications they have that will keep track of food calories, carbs and weight loss.

Provide blogs with healthy recipes

Write blogs with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Feature a new recipe every week. Invite patients to share recipes which you will feature on the blog. This gives them asense of participation. Those losing weight are always looking for easy new healthy recipes. Focus on salads, side dishes, soups, sandwiches, and main entrees.

Write a Blog about Patients That Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Do you offer weight loss surgery? Write about successful patients and how it helped them loss weight. Chronicle their daily life after the surgery and the results. Provide details about the surgery and the pros and cons of the procedure. This opens your website traffic to a large audience of people considering various popular weight loss surgeries.

Feature A Variety of Recipes for Patients

Focus on writing a blog that addresses a variety of patient’s needs. Provide some gluten free recipes, recipes for diabetics, and those on the Paleo diet. Many patients that are overweight suffer from different medical conditions which require recipes for special diets. Cater to the many different types of patient you have. This means featuring a variety of different recipes.

Blogs about Different Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

Often patients want to know the pros and cons of different weight loss surgery. Blog about the different types and the pros and cons. Help them decide if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Not only do patients want to know about others experiences with weight loss surgery, but they want to know how it directly will affect them. Be the resource that they rely on.

Blog about Different Types of Exercise and Weight Loss

Focus on a blog that features different types of exercise and its contribution to weight loss. Most patients are searching for a form of exercise that is just right for them. Talk about walking, swimming, running, biking, and jogging. Provide information on exercising at the gym or health club or joining an association that provides a gym or pool. Find fun ways to sneak in work outs and share with your readers.

Blog About How to Eat Out on Diet

Most Americans like to eat out when dieting. It is a social activity and enjoyable. It is hard to diet and eat out without overdoing your caloric intake. Give your clients tips on what to eat, what to avoid, and how to fill up without consuming too many calories. You might suggest dining out less and picking restaurants that serve food that fits into their weight loss plan. Use dining out as a reward for sticking with their weight loss plan.

Write about Weight Loss Medications and How They Helped Your Patients

Write an article about weight loss medications and how they helped some of your patients lose weight. Many people are researching on how to lose weight and a major topic of conversation is weight loss medicine. Write about the different medications, their benefits, and side effects. Provide patients with enough information to make a decision whether to use them.

Blogs that provide useful information are great healthcare social media tools. This is one form of medical marketing that patients absolutely love. Good content is a way to connect with your patients and their families while also increasing your SEO. Creating quality content on your website will continuously keep you climbing the rankings online. Keep it up!

By Joan Russell