5 Reasons Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice Needs Facebook

5 reasons your cosmetic surgery practice needs facebook

Facebook is hard to avoid, especially if you're running a cosmetic surgery practice. Facebook is the number one online media platform used by plastic surgeons. While cosmetic and plastic surgery do not entirely follow the same guiding philosophies, they both deal with improving a patient’s body, so I will use them interchangeably when describing the positive business results that using Facebook can yield for their independent healthcare practices.  

Advertising Cosmetic Surgery Healthcare Practice

Cosmetic surgeons should advertise their healthcare practice on Facebook because you can communicate with your audience online. This social ability allows your prospective patients to locate your content on Facebook. Using Facebook to market your healthcare will inform your patients about your business procedures and they can begin to form an online relationship with your company. By using videos and customer reviews, you will further develop these online relationships, which will contribute to the growth of your healthcare practice.

Attract Cosmetic Surgery Patients with Facebook Ads

If you’ve been on Facebook, you know how effective a medical marketing ad can be when it pops up in your newsfeed. Now, you may not like the ad, but the chances are that you saw it. You can utilize images to capture your targeted audience’s attention. Also, you can have these ads appear in people’s newsfeed that will likely be interested in your cosmetic services. Depending on how you want to use your ads, they are great for advertising a particular procedure, offer, or your cosmetic practice in general.

Let your Online Cosmetic Reviews Shine

It is always a good thing to remember that online reviews are a major force of business for cosmetic surgeons. Facebook can help you cultivate reviews, which is great because thirty percent of internet users have referred to online reviews of healthcare providers. The cool thing about your positive reviews is that you can share them on other social networks to spread the good word about your cosmetic practice. You also have the ability to allow cosmetic surgery ratings and reviews to be displayed on your Facebook business page.

Pay Attention to your Facebook Metrics

In order to gain the most bang from your buck, you want to approach your Facebook ad campaign strategically. It’s not just the money aspect however; you want to be aware of what is working and what is not. In this way, you can alter your strategy and try a new approach, which is why knowing and understanding your metrics is important to your social media success. The majority of healthcare social media, as with all social media, is a trial and error process. So monitor your metrics, and if you are not sure how to accomplish this, you can google it, or consult with a marketing professional. 

Facebook is a top-notch social media tool. For cosmetic surgeons it is great for posting pics, videos or new vital blogs. If you have not considered using the medium, you can create a Facebook page and try it out. It is free! Give it a twirl. What the worst that can happen? That it doesn’t bring you overnight success. Well then, consult a social media guru for some tips, or google it! 

By Preston Copeland