4 Reasons Print Advertising Is Waste of Your Money

4 Reasons print advertising is a waste of your Marketing Money

It was not that long ago that you may have received some (print) junk in the mail. I’m sure this still happens from time to time, but perhaps not as often as it used to. Print advertising used to be one of the main methods for advertising and businesses tended to dish out quite a bit of cash on magazine ads, newspapers, and direct mail. Yet with the advancement of technology, the majority of business advertisements have shifted to other mediums like mobile devices and the internet.  


Think about the sheer mobility and the vast number of technological devices that most citizens in developed countries have access to on the grand scale of things and you will realize that the number of new portable devices is growing and the numbers of traditional advertising markets like print, broadcast, direct mail and telephone have been decreasing.

It is not productive to spend money on print advertising (except in a few cases) when the statistics show that most consumers are turning to the internet for their online advertising. Consumers also do not need to watch TV ads, trek to their mailbox, or buy a newspaper if they want to see advertising; they only have to look at the mobile device in their pocket. 


Online marketing is not as expensive as traditional print. The cost of newspaper advertisements can often fill up a company’s entire marketing budget and vary greatly depending on the region and newspaper where the ad appears. H. Lewis Yildirimturk, a certified SEO consultant, says a full-page black and white ad in the Wall Street Journal’s National Edition costs around $164,000, while a half-page ad is around $96,000. Yildirimturk then gives an example of how online marketing plans that are offered through professional Internet marketing companies can start at as little as $260 per month, and yet have the potential to reach an unlimited number of consumers. 

Global Communication 

Apart from print media often being restrained to local or national geographical locations, investing your dollars in the internet advertisements will save you money and has the potential to reach a global audience. So whether you are involved in healthcare marketing or another form of marketing, the internet is more cost-effective and allows you to able to reach a wider audience and also to specifically market towards your consumer base.

Targeted Audience 

A print advertising campaign does not have the ability to weed out your potential followers and guarantee that they will see your ads. For example, if a company’s advertising department mails 15,000 fliers to a neighborhood, that doesn’t mean any of them would be interested in your service because you have sent the fliers randomly and have likely wasted your money.

However, when using internet marketing you can target a specific audience and thus save your company’s money. While traditional advertising is still alive and barely breathing; it is often more expensive and less effective than using the internet marketing methods of advertising, which seems by many that the internet is the most affordable and efficient way to go.

By Preston Copeland