10 Services You Can Have Access To When You Hire Our Marketing Team

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Finding a healthcare-specific marketing team is difficult in and of itself, but finding one that satisfies all of your marketing needs in-house and who understand what your business is all about is even harder! Good thing Atlantic Health Solutions is here for you. Here are the 10 services you will have access to when you hire our healthcare marketing team.

1. Content Marketing

A snazzy website may seem like the most important thing when it comes to your web presence, but if your content is lacking in quality or missing vital information, then you may very quickly lose your audience’s attention. At Atlantic Health Solution, our content marketing and blogging team ensure that your content promotes your healthcare practice or business, and provides you with a cost-effective way to increase your organic search engine ranking with weekly blog content that is optimized around high-quality keywords. Also, our team of content writers is specifically trained to write about medical and clinical topics - so you never have to worry that your content isn’t going to be accurate or helpful to your patients.

2. Paid Search

Boosting your healthcare practice or business organic ranking is necessary, but at the same time, investing in paid search is a great way to give you that extra boost in Google Search results. Launching paid search campaigns can dramatically increase your website traffic and conversions. By learning your practice or business’ goals, we can launch targeted paid search campaigns that increase product sales, phone calls, appointments, or anything else you may need! Plus, we’ll set up conversion tracking so you have a clear understanding of your ROI - something that can be next to impossible in traditional advertising.

3. Graphic Design

When you opt into a monthly agreement with Atlantic Health Solutions’ healthcare marketing team, all of your design needs are included in your monthly fee. This means no more worrying about being nickel and dimed for projects or worrying that you won’t get a design you’re happy with Don’t like what you see the first time? No problem - we also offer unlimited rounds of edits! We value your input which is why we allow for as many rounds of edits as it takes until it’s just what you’re looking for! Our healthcare marketing graphic designers are skilled in making all collateral or marketing materials you may need including:

  • Brochures

  • Business cards

  • Rack cards

  • Flyers

  • Promotional items

  • And more!

4. Rebranding

If you’re looking to change your organization’s message, look, or purpose, then a rebranding is in your future! Whether you’re starting a new business, craving a fresher look for your logo and marketing materials, or a stronger brand story, our team can help! We start by mapping out your organization’s entire brand story based on your specific target markets, what sets you apart from competitors and how you help improve the lives of your patients or customers. Once we do that - our graphic design team works their magic and we’re able to develop a full brand guideline for your business to use moving forward.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer an option if you want your business to meet its goals and succeed in the market. Using social media for healthcare marketing purposes, however; is a bit tricky and requires a specific set of skills, so it’s often better to leave it to the experts! Our social media marketing specialists will identify which social media platforms best match your healthcare practice or business’ goals. Once your accounts are set up, we will post completely customized content daily on each of your social media platforms while incorporating customized image content that’s branded to your business! We also will handle all necessary responses to comments, messages, and reviews - making it so that your potential patients and customers receive prompt responses without interrupting your team’s daily tasks.

6. Marketing Strategy

Do you know what your marketing strategy is exactly? Does your healthcare practice or business even have a targeted marketing strategy that changes throughout the year based on seasonality and your goals at that time? If your answer to either of these questions is “no”, or “well yes, but” then you’re due for a revamped marketing strategy. At Atlantic Health Solutions, our healthcare expertise enables us to guide our clients down the right path as we develop a marketing strategy that is based on results.

7. Copywriting

In any marketing effort, a copywriter is absolutely necessary! Unfortunately, many times marketing teams do not include a copywriter and clients are forced to outsource or spend hours pouring over articles and brochures. If you’ve ever printed a piece of marketing collateral with a misspelling or grammatical error - you know the importance of having a trusted copywriter at your disposal. At Atlantic Health Solutions, we believe that copywriters should be involved and work in conjunction with the content marketing team and the graphic design team. That is why our writing and graphic design team work together to create cohesive campaigns — all in-house and available to you.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to establish continued rapport with your patient email list. If you’ve never tried email marketing before, or if you want to up your email marketing strategy, then we can help. Our email marketing services can include weekly customized emails or even just a quarterly newsletter — whatever fits for your business. We’ll create the content, design the emails, help keep your contact list up to date, make sure you’re adhering to CAN-SPAM (email regulations) and help you promote upcoming specials, events, or important news.

9. SEO Services

SEO is somewhat of a mystery to those who are unfamiliar with it, but at Atlantic, it’s our specialty! Mainly, SEO is the activity of optimizing your on-page content, blogs, page titles, alt tags and meta descriptions while also building valuable links both internally and externally - all of which helps you improve your Google rankings  for search queries like “best radiologists in Tampa.” SEO is ever-evolving and it takes daily activity and education to stay on top of the game.

10. Website Design

Dated websites are easily noticed and they can give your healthcare practice or business an outdated reputation. We can help you create a clean, customized, and interactive website that helps reflect what your practice or business is all about! Outdated websites are also often following black-hat SEO practices which can negatively impact the success of your website, making it harder for patients to find you. Additionally, sites older than 2-3 years can have inaccurate information and are also usually not mobile-optimized which is necessary for patients on-the-go. Our team is able to design a new website that fits your style preferences, is easily found by potential patients and is well optimized to convert visitors on your website.

More Information

Need any (or all) of these services for your healthcare practice or business? Not sure which of these services you need most? No problem! Request a free marketing evaluation by filling out one of our Client Evaluation forms. We’ll take a look through your website and review your online presence to help you determine which services would serve your practice or business best! To contact us, feel free to give a call!