Healthcare Marketing Website Redesign: Is It Time to Update Your Site?

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Uh oh. Someone’s sick. Luckily it’s not you, but it might be your practice’s website. Maybe it’s time for a digital facelift? With so many people looking for things online today, a practice’s website is the new first impression. Is yours standing up to the competition?

How Do I Know When It’s Time?

If you’re wondering Why should I redesign my website? As our website redesign services say, “if your website looks like it was created before Britney Spears had her first meltdown, it’s time to get with the times.”

We created this website redesign checklist to easily let you know whether or not you need our website redesign services. As you’ll see, we get right to the point: get rid of Flash Player and make sure you have editing capabilities! We want to help you feel comfortable on your own site, and that includes making small changes that you think are necessary. Don’t worry though, we’ll be here for the big changes.

We emphasize mobile capabilities and a strong call to action. How else will your patients know what to do if they can’t find you on their phone, and we don’t point them in the proper direction? You know by now that we’re all about transparency here at Atlantic Health Solutions, so we want you to be accessible too – with contact forms! You don’t want to miss out on a patient because she’s looking for a contact form on her phone, and your website doesn’t offer that. We can help you build it.

Why Choose Atlantic Health Solutions?

We have experience creating completely new websites, emphasizing clean, customized, and interactive sites that will be easy and engaging for patients. We also have experience updating already-created sites. If you have one that you still feel attached to, that’s okay. We can work with your in-house designers to leave you with the necessary updates and help you elevate your platform.

Check out our Case Study: Pulmonary Associates of Brandon. We tackled some registration challenges, but ultimately we saw increases across the board in website sessions (112%), pages per session (18%), and user growth (112%). We’re also proud to show significant growth in organic searches, direct traffic, and referral traffic.

On the updated website, we’ve created clearer messaging, better access to appointment request forms (and have seen over 40 online appointment requests since), and a more cohesive user experience. We are currently working to build out more physician content to attract more clinical trial recruits because each website is created from a tailored and unique experience based on what that client is looking for and hoping for their practice.

We’re here to get you closer to your goals.

Still intimidated? Not a professional in the website redesign process yourself? Let us handle it! Maybe you’ve heard that website redesign and domain transfers can cause a dip in organic traffic, but when you have a professional like Atlantic Health Solutions in your corner, we work to balance that with blog content and SEO work. Healthcare marketing professionals know how to best optimize your practice’s website.

See What We Can Do

Still not convinced? Take a look at our blog – “Healthcare Website Redesign: From Outdated to Cutting Edge” to see some before and after website images. See what we can really do with your website.

We comb through your website, from every page title to every analytic. We produce and encourage content that’s both relevant and refreshing.

Contact us here for more information on our website design services.