8 Healthcare Social Media Hacks for Your Business

8 Healthcare Social Media Hacks For Your Business

Running a social media healthcare account is a lot harder than it seems. Not only are you expected to produce a huge amount of content, you’re also supposed to be approachable and readable and user-friendly. And hey, we get it, healthcare isn’t the most glamorous topic to post about! But, as any good social media manager knows, a little bit of quirk and a little bit of strategy can go a long way to getting those page views.

Another problem you may be facing, though, is the all-too-common social media writer’s block. There you are, scratching your head, trying to come up with engaging posts for your healthcare practice. Well, don’t despair, we can help you get through that as well. Below is a compilation of tips and tricks that can take your social media pages to the next level, and help you avoid a creative rut.

Healthcare Social Media Hack #1: Highlight your staff.

Your followers like being able to see the faces behind the brand. Take some time to share some information on the staff members on the team and include a few photos. You can always do follow-up staff posts by highlighting team members’ achievements and/or experiences. Being approachable is a super important part of social media, and staff spotlights not only help your followers feel like they have a personal collection with your business, they’re also a great way to validate your staff and make them feel special!

Healthcare Social Media Hack #2: Shine a light on your physicians

Your doctors are one of the best things you have going for your business. Emphasize their expertise and successes by writing short features about the physicians on your team: where they studied, what they specialize in, and what they enjoy the most about their job. You can even add little personal stuff that makes them stand out, such as their favorite hobby outside of work, or what their favorite TV/Netflix show is.

Healthcare Social Media Hack #3: Share a patient story

If your practice has a favorite patient – someone inspirational, funny, or loveable –

give them some time in the social media spotlight. Be sure to have the patient’s permission before using their photo or information on social media.

Healthcare Social Media Hack #4: Have a cause-related marketing strategy

Is there a big event going on in your town that everyone is talking about? Think about ways that you can tie content to it or use your platform and the event to give back to the community. This will help your message resonate and connect you with your followers in the community.

Healthcare Social Media Hack #5: Give shoutouts to your referring physicians

If you receive patients on a referral basis, take some time to spotlight some of the groups you work with regularly. Highlighting them will, in turn, bring your brand more business and help secure relationships with your referrers.

Healthcare Social Media Hack #6: Celebrate “healthcare holidays”

There are hundreds of healthcare-related holidays and awareness days/weeks/months, and many of them will relate specifically to your organization! It’s always important to stay relevant and involved with what’s going on in the industry, and tailoring your content calendar to include these healthcare holidays will ensure that your business is on trend with everything healthcare.

Healthcare Social Media Hack # 8: Request feedback

Requesting feedback on social media about the practice, a procedure, or a new medical technology is a great way to create a dialogue right on your social media page. Feedback is also super helpful for business to know what practices may be changed, improved, or eliminated. This interaction and feedback may even result in more positive reviews for your practice on your social media page.

Healthcare Social Media Hack #9: Utilize infographics

Use industry facts or figures to make an infographic for your followers to help educate them. Infographics are huge in medical marketing, and a great way to make information about your organization, services, or industry more digestible to your patients. Check out some of our past infographics on previous blog posts. Ex: Infographic for targeting women on social media with healthcare marketing.

Now that you have got some ideas to go on, get out there and show your followers what your practice is really all about. Steer clear of posting boring content – if you wouldn’t read it or share it, neither will your followers.

Social media marketing takes time and skill, especially with healthcare-related material. Don’t have the time or skills yourself? Hand over the responsibility to a healthcare marketing agency like ours. Contact us today to discuss your options.