5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Healthcare Marketing Materials

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Designing marketing materials is really a task all on its own and it definitely takes a lot of specific knowledge and attention to detail. Of course, designing marketing material for your own business is easier than designing for other clients, but in either case, you want to make sure that your designs are unique and appropriate for the message you are trying to portray, and for the audience receiving it.

Here are 5 design mistakes we want to make sure you avoid when creating healthcare marketing materials for your practice.

1. Small Font Size

Whatever kind of copy you’re writing, you want to make sure it’s readable, and by readable we mean making sure that people can literally read the words on the page. Although it can be tempting to fit as much information on the page as possible, making a font size too small in order to accomplish that is a big inconvenience for readers, especially if they are older. It’s crucial to make sure that the font size you choose isn’t too small (or too big), which can be tricky and may require you cutting back on your word count.

2. Inappropriate Typeface

A typeface is one of those things that readers tend to not notice unless it’s bad. Choosing the right typeface for your content will influence your reader's perception and it will affect whether they feel persuaded to believe your message and your authenticity/credibility as a business. So, before you pick a “fun” looking typeface, make sure it’s appropriate to your message and your business.

3. Low-Resolution Images

Low-resolution images can instantly shape the way that a reader perceives your business, which can be either elegant and professional, or cheap and out of touch. Before printing or posting an image online, make sure that they are the right size and resolution.

4. Not Enough White Space

The most effective healthcare marketing materials are the ones that consumers feel driven to pick up and read through. If your design is crammed to the max with text or images, it may be off-putting to your readers. Readers want to see more whitespace in design as well as in text — it gives them a moment to breathe and take in what they just saw or read.

5. Missing A Call To Action

Effective marketing copy always includes a direct call to action, such as a “buy now” or “click here” button., Calls to action should direct the reader to pursue the product or service your copy is advertising. While you may have simply been talking about the product or service before, the call to action should be a direct message that either encourages the audience to look for additional information or to purchase. Without it, your marketing material may lose all of its purpose.

More Information

Designing effective healthcare marketing copy can be pretty challenging and there’s definitely a lot you need to look at. Hopefully, this list can help you keep in mind what not to do and leads you in the right direction. Worried about taking it all on yourself? Give us a call! We can handle all of your design needs and make your life easier.