5 Ways Our Onboarding Process Is Simple, Quick, And Effective

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Bringing a new marketing team onboard to support your healthcare practice, or start-up, can be quite a headache. Not only are you interacting with new people, you’ve also got to make sure that the new marketing team is equipped to offer everything that your healthcare team needs.

After specializing in healthcare marketing for over 10 years, we understand this dilemma more than most. That is why we’ve paid special attention to making our marketing onboarding process for new clients as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Here are 5 ways our onboarding process is different from your standard marketing agency:

1. Comprehensive proposal includes all onboarding action items. Before new clients even welcome our healthcare marketing team as a partner, our first step is to draft a full proposal covering Perceptions & Observations. We take a deep and comprehensive look into the client’s brand, website, organic ranking, social media presence, and competitive landscape. Included in this stage is our complete list of recommendations for each part of the marketing mix, along with initial focuses. After that, we create a list of next actions consisting of all the activities we’d tackle in the first 30 days of working together.

These comprehensive and in-depth proposals are our way of providing value up front and making it clear what our new clients can expect from our team.. Most importantly, our Onboarding Process Evaluation/Proposal is offered to all potential clients completely free, even though it’s essentially an action plan valued at over $1,500 which clients can use whether they work with us or not!

2. Onboarding Form takes less than 10 minutes. Probably the best part of our onboarding process is just how little we require from our new clients. Not only do we draft a full formal proposal and action plan, but also to create an extensive and effective healthcare marketing strategy based on each specific client’s challenges, goals, and competition. All we need to get the ball rolling at that point is for someone to fill out a Client Onboarding Details form. This form asks for basic business information, social media access, website details, marketing priorities (rank 1-5), and billing information. We timed the least tech-savvy person at our agency and it took them less than 10 minutes to do, we swear!

3. Onboard Tools. These 3 onboarding tools consist of the Client Onboarding Details form, and two “How To” instructional pages that guide you through the process of making us Admins for your social media accounts and for your Google account. By becoming admins, we can not only start implementing your custom social media and marketing strategy, we can also effectively execute and measure the success of our strategies without overwhelming new clients or loading them with questions, tasks, and reporting that our team can easily take care of. We know that our clients’ time isn’t best spent micromanaging access requests and social media activities - so we handle it all for you.

4. Lunch & Learn (Optional): When new clients come on, we always offer a “Lunch & Learn”  meet-up session as an option. This meeting allows us to meet new clients in person in order to learn about their services first-hand. This is the client’s chance to tell us all about their procedures, patients, services, additional challenges etc. Although this Lunch & Learn is not required, some clients love taking advantage of it because it allows our team to get to know your services and specific practices in a deep-dive session. It also allows us to ask questions up front and learn about any preferences the client may have ahead of the curve. Basically, it eliminates a lot of the back and forth down the line and allows the client to go about their normal life without fielding questions from our team. They just have to sit back, relax and enjoy all the new patients they’re getting as a result of our marketing.

5. Strategic plan including direct-to-patient and referring physician marketing. When it comes to healthcare marketing, we can definitely say that we go above and beyond in gaining our clients new patients by focusing on conversion optimization and lead generation. While most digital agencies may focus their marketing strategy on just direct-to-consumer campaigns, we know that this is just one portion of your referral mix. Even patient-driven specialties like plastic surgery and dentistry rely somewhat on the referring physician community to drive patient volume, which is where our healthcare expertise comes in. Part of our content strategy is also aimed at reaching that referral community, not necessarily to drive conversions but to increase brand awareness and engagement over time. What makes this a component of the onboarding process is that, due to the nature of our healthcare focused company, we already know which types of physicians are your top referrers - because physician liaison marketing is part of our suite of services. Identifying those opportunities for your practice is no longer something your team has to be solely responsible for. This is just one more way we make our new client’s goals possible.

More Information

If you are interested in getting a free, personalized evaluation performed by our healthcare marketing team, just request a custom marketing proposal, which you can do so by simply filling out the form on our website and clicking submit! From there, we will get in contact with you and talk about what we think your company needs and what we can do to help, at no risk to you. For more information about who we are and what we do, feel free to contact us today or sift through some of our recent case studies and samples of our work.