Client Evaluations & Marketing Proposals: A Key Part Of Atlantic's Onboarding Process

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Choosing a new healthcare marketing agency to run all of your marketing needs — whether it be social media, website redesign, or SEO management — can be pretty tricky. Especially if one of the things you’re looking for is an agency that shows their value up front. Sure, some agencies can tell you what they’ve done for similar clients, but how can you know they’ll serve your company’s unique marketing needs as well?

The short answer is, you can’t! While some healthcare marketing agencies do offer comprehensive evaluations and in-depth proposals for potential clients, they tend to place a big price tag on it. At Atlantic Health Solutions, we believe in providing upfront value to our potential clients at no cost to them and with no demand for commitment.

How Our Evaluation And Marketing Proposal Process Works

When new or potential clients contact us, many of them are looking for us to tell them what we think they need and what we can do to fill that need. In those cases (and as a general onboarding process rule) our first step is to draft a full marketing proposal covering Perceptions & Observations.

In these evaluations, we take a deep and comprehensive look into the client’s brand, website, organic ranking, social media presence, and competitive landscape. Once we have a good idea of what is being offered and which areas can be improved, we complete a list of recommendations for each part of the marketing mix, along with initial focuses.

Oftentimes, initial focuses can be determined by the client, or by our own healthcare marketing agency after the evaluation. These focuses can include many big and small aspects or just one or two large aspects. After describing the initial focuses and bulleting them in a comprehensive order, we create a list of next actions consisting of all the activities we’d tackle in the first 30 days of working together, which mostly includes set-up activities.  

The Up-Front Value Of Our Evaluation And Marketing Proposal

Our comprehensive and in-depth proposals are our way of providing value up front and making it clear what our new clients can expect from our team. Most importantly, our Onboarding Process Evaluation and Marketing Proposal are offered to all potential clients completely free, even though it’s essentially an action plan valued at over $1,500 which clients can use whether they work with us or not.

At Atlantic Health Solutions our company culture is designed around building ‘good juju.’ That is why we strive to provide the best services for the best healthcare agencies and let the rest speak for itself.

More Information

Our Process Evaluation and Marketing Proposal is only the beginning of our onboarding process. Clients that take us on after this initial step can expect a lot more, including an extensive marketing strategy. While this process may seem intimidating and intensive, there’s actually very little that we require from our new clients.

If you would like to get in touch with our marketing team, or if you’re interested in receiving a free, commitment-free evaluation of your healthcare company’s existing landscape, feel free to contact us today or fill out our custom marketing proposal request form and we will reach out to you!