How to Increase Volume and Referral Rates Through Networking

We asked some of our independent diagnostic imaging centers what troubles they and their referring physicians seem to be experiencing in today’s market, here is one of the most popular results:


It feels like all of our independent physicians volume has dropped and so has their radiology referrals…how can we help them?


When it comes to the ways in which Physician Networking can benefit those involved, it is important to focus on the intangibles in order to stay within the realm of morality.  This concept of social networking is something that our online community has perfected. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and other social media whiz-kids, the intrinsic concept that was created by cave men to ensure that fire, food and water were accessible to all, has been adopted by our generation as a means to further success in business practices.  The same idea applies within the medical community, especially when it comes to radiologists and referring physicians and those physician opportunities.

By performing physician integration, we help by introducing our radiologists to other types practices within the community that may have the ability to send them patients.  While it is easy to network specialists with primary care physicians, the latter often feels as if they are not benefiting in the same way, however that could not be farther from the truth.  Urgent care clinics are excellent resources for primary care physicians and specialists alike, as many patients go to urgent care because they have no primary care physician.
Beyond the basics of networking and practice-to-practice sales, we also perform market assessments then share worthwhile information about marketing and advertising with these potential referring physicians.  We provide advice on advertising campaigns and offer unique ways to reach the general patient population.  Distributing the offices’ business cards, flyers, brochures, etc throughout our own offices and in high traffic areas in the community, helps to improve market visibility in an easy and effective way.  Offering information about contracting with additional insurances is another way to provide access to a larger patient population.