The Differences Between Paid Search And Organic Search

Many businesses don’t know the difference between organic and paid search results. Search results are when you type a query into the search box in Google and Yahoo and get a search engine result page. The results are a list of companies or information that matches your keywords. Understanding the difference between paid and organic search results can truly help your practice increase your website ranking. Continue Reading Article >

3 Healthcare Marketing Musts

Healthcare marketing is an important part of gaining new patients for healthcare providers. The Pew Research Center discovered that more caregivers and patients are using online media to form healthcare decisions. After all, patients are constantly searching online for information on medical treatments, doctor recommendations and hospital reviews on the Internet.  Continue Reading Article >

Word Of Mouth Marketing: How To Get More Referrals

Word of mouth marketing is certainly an old fashioned concept, but it’s effectiveness has not waivered. If a patient visits a new doctor or medical facility and tells their family and friends about it, this increases the amount of people that learn about this doctor or medical facility simply by word of mouth. Over 92% of patients trust recommendations from doctors, family, friends and co-workers. Continue Reading Article > 

7 Tips for Using Content in Your Marketing Automation

You may have heard “content marketing” get thrown around, but what it is and why does it matter? Content marketing is a way to market your healthcare business and promote your brand cost effectively. It is a major factor in helping your practice increase your search engine ranking. Content marketing offers many tangible and intangible benefits to the healthcare industry, so here’s our top seven benefits. Continue Reading Article >

The ABC's of Content Marketing

Content marketing is important to doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers for communications with patients, vendors, and for attracting new business. Websites need healthcare marketing in order to engage the reader and help businesses entice new patients or clients. A professional healthcare marketing agency can help you develop a plan to improve your content marketing. Continue Reading Article >