Radiology's Future: Our Specialists

A recent survey performed by the American College of Radiology concluded that the job prospects for radiologists finishing their residencies have wavered over the past few years, but by 2014, the career playing field should be leveled.

Back in 2011, there were about 1,241 radiologists that were hired but only 1,103 in 2012.  Researchers project that in 2014, there should be back up to around 1, 227 positions.  Within the same study, researchers found that there is about one job per every radiologist that finishes their studies, but that job might not necessarily be in an ideal location or in their desired subspecialty.  The South, West, Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic states are the areas with the highest number of open radiologist positions, meaning that areas up North are practically impossible to find positions in after residencies are completed.

One positive thing about the millennial generation is that they are entering the work place with a stronger aptitude and openness towards change, allowing them the freedom to explore new regions for work and new frontiers of specialties.  Typically, graduates don’t mind relocating and are quick to adapt to their new surroundings.  Also, most of the graduates are open to going into a different field than they originally planned, which is something more seasoned radiologists would be more apprehensive about.  

The job market is progressively getting better each year for new radiology graduates, and it will continue to grow over the next few years, so it’s important for those specialists to stay on the radiology warpath if that is where their passions lead them. Industry changes may influence some, but we can still be confident in the future of our industry.

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