Social Media In Healthcare: Impact In Numbers

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Social media has drastically transformed the way we communicate and perceive information. Let’s be honest, if tomorrow you need to find a pediatrician for your son or a dentist for yourself, you won’t open yellow pages - you’ll just go online and browse all possible social media for the clinic hours and location, overall grade, patients’ reviews and portfolio. It’s time to face the truth: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have changed the way we look at the healthcare and these social media statistics will show how.

According to Search Engine Watch, 90% of respondents from 18 to 24 years of age said they would trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks.

Millennials have been growing along social media development and are technically the first users. By now, this generation has built a strong and reliable online network. Just so you know, millennials represent more than 25% of nation’s population, and if you want to win their hearts and kidneys, you need to start using social media in the healthcare business.

31% of health care professionals use social media for professional networking. 

Social media isn’t just a valuable tool for cultivating a strong brand identity and increasing your volume, it’s also a key networking tool for industry professionals. Being connected to leading healthcare specialists all around the world has never been so easy. Just hit that “follow” button.

 The Spark Report says that 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility. 

The number above proves that social media in the healthcare industry is so much more important than we all used to think. How your organization behaves on social media—the content you share, the way you interact with your followers—impacts whether or not patients want to use you for their healthcare needs. Only YOU can control which choice this 41% will eventually make. Using proper social media strategy will help your patients to make the decision you’ll love. 

42% of individuals viewing health information on social media look at health-related consumer reviews. 

Since almost half of all health-related inquiries are devoted to consumer reviews, you have no choice but to pay close attention to each positive and negative review about your entity. Not being serious about social media in healthcare, particularly regarding your own business, can lead to a loss of your consumers’ trust. Your business may be the best in the state, but if your social media reviews don’t reflect that, you are in trouble.

60% of social media users are most likely to trust social media posts and activity by doctors over any other group. 

 This number is the first reason why you should use social media in the healthcare business. Not only your physical organization should have a strong social media presence, but also your physicians should be actively engaged on social media. Patients trust people more than companies, so your physicians are one of your greatest weapons when it comes to building a strong social following. They’re viewed as more trustworthy and knowledgeable, and forming that emotional connection outside of the office will make patients more likely to return.

So, what's next? 

Taking into consideration all these social media statistics, we have to admit: social media in healthcare is highly important and can’t be ignored. The right healthcare marketing agency can help you to choose social media strategy that highlights the best qualities of your business and delivers them to your target market. If you realize that your business needs urgent help, just click here, and we will take care of it.

social media in healthcare, healthcare marketing agency, social media strategy healthcare


Written By:

Junior Account Coordinator
Alisa Blagodarnaia