The Art of People Watching: Learning From Other Marketing Groups While Staying Original

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We know what works because we’re people-watchers. We track trends on social media, email marketing, and SEO, and our content reflects that. But that’s not all we do. We watch other healthcare marketing companies, too. We learn from their findings, their patient preferences, and what works for them. Marketing is a collaborative medium. We work together within our team, with our clients, and with others in the world. All three work together with just as much importance.

The key, though, is to always stay original. We can look for inspiration; we can’t look for a template.

Find Something That Works

Marketing companies try to flash something shiny to get your attention. But if everyone was flashing that same shiny thing at you, it could definitely get overwhelming, right? That’s why we try to be different, and you can be too.

Take, for example, the very successful #Stachie campaign, a viral hashtag started by Arundel’s Medical Center in Maryland, encouraging people to add a fake or real mustache to their #Selfie (and replace it with #Stachie). This campaign was created to encourage everyone to talk about men’s health, like No Shave November/Movember do each year. The campaign took something typical - selfies - and made them new, exciting, and meaningful.

Learn From It – Don’t Copy It

At Atlantic Health Solutions, we wouldn’t repurpose the #Stachie idea, but we certainly would take those lessons and implement them for our clients. We can identity what about the #Stachie campaign made it successful and utilize those ideas in our own creative campaigns.

For example, Save On Medical’s Valentine’s Day Campaign took those steps. We took something typical - Valentine’s day - and made it new, exciting, and meaningful, just like the #Stachie campaign. Whoever sees the ad will be reminded that healthcare doesn’t have to cost as much as they think it does which is an important lesson because audiences’ are often too intimidated by healthcare to challenge any price.

Another successful campaign, this one created by Unitedhealthcare, involved dares. The “We Dare You” campaign offered monthly “dares” or challenges to make small, healthy changes. It was successful because it was interactive, fun, and challenging.

Again, Save On Medical can take those same lessons - interactive, fun, and challenging - and use those in a new, fresh, and totally-original campaign. Save On Medical launched the Medical Bill Drinking Game, which offered challenges and drinks based on what confusing bill issue you may be dealing with. Not only does this make a confusing topic - medical billing - accessible and fun, but Save On Medical is now reaching out to a younger, millennial demographic. They’re quite elusive, too.

Want to Try Yourself?

Does it still seem overwhelming? Don’t fear. There are plenty of easy-to-use tools that help make healthcare marketing simple. Our blog titled “Top 3 Image Content Tools Marketing Companies Love suggests giving Canva, Pic Monkey, and Pablo a try to start building out your content.

However, it’s always a great to leave it to the professionals. If there are healthcare marketing agencies whose work you admire, bring it to Atlantic Health Solutions. One of our main offerings includes strategy. We can sit together and guide your office to developing strategies that best suite your needs and market, but now we can take your taste into consideration as well.

We can help you strategize in this way because we have the experience and perseverance to research, budget, and plan what’s best in your specific competitive market. For more information, click here.