Social Media Live Streaming: Facebook Vs Instagram

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Staying current with social media marketing trends and recognizing new marketing opportunities on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a challenge even for the most experienced social media marketer.

If you’re not experienced in social media marketing, new features such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live may come off as intimidating or confusing. But, knowing how to use these features properly and understanding how each one functions can be your best asset in garnering new followings, and in getting the edge on your competitors.

For companies that want to experiment with live streaming as a method of educating or engaging with their followers, there are two primary tools available: Facebook Live and Instagram Story. Both have pros and cons, and both are great tools to use in particular circumstances - it’s all about determining which one will work best for what your company is trying to accomplish. Before we continue, let’s look at some of the differences and similarities between these two social media live streaming methods.

Similarities Between Facebook Live And Instagram Live

Right off the bat, both of these tools look and feel very similar - probably because they’re owned by the same company! Here are some of their biggest similarities:

  • Both will send out notifications to your friends and/or followers once your live video begins to stream.

  • Both will allow you to see how many people are viewing your live stream in real-time.  

  • Both permit audience interactions (likes, comments, etc) and allow you to interact back (leave replies, etc.)

  • Both stream in real-time.

  • Both are listed under the Explore section of their respective platforms.

Differences Between Facebook Live And Instagram Live

Aside from these basic similarities, these two social media live streaming tools function quite differently and garner audiences with different techniques. Keeping these differences in mind, you should lay out a strategy on how to present your brand according to which live stream you are utilizing.

  • Facebook Live will notify some but not all of your followers and fans, whereas Instagram will notify all followers in addition to.prioritizing your live stream as an Instagram Story under the Explore section. This helps your video reach more users and even new users who may be interested in your business.

  • Facebook will give you the option of saving your Facebook Live video after it’s been completed and posting it as a permanent video on your page where followers may continue to watch, rewatch, share, like, comment, or catch up on if they missed it while Live. In contrast, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours with no option to save for any further use. Instagram users recognize this, so they may be more willing to watch you Live video as you are filming.

Social Media Live Streaming: Should Our Practice Use Facebook Live Or Instagram Live?

Now that we’ve covered the similarities and the differences, the choice of whether to stream your video content on Facebook Live or Instagram Live really depends on your goals and your audience. Both types of live streams can be hugely beneficial to building your brand and developing more audience interactions, but having a clear idea of your needs and wants will help you pick the medium that works best for you.

If you already have a big audience who is used to interacting with your posts, then Facebook Live would probably be better as it allows your viewers to interact with the video indefinitely. Facebook Live could also be a good choice if you’re not looking to do Live videos very often, given that they will nonetheless pile up over time.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to expand your following, or if you’re looking to raise your Live Streams views, you may want to go with Instagram Live. Instagram users feel more of a sense of urgency with Instagram Live videos and are more inclined to click on them, instead of running the risk of missing whatever content you are trying to show them.

More Information

Whatever your social media marketing goals are, you’ll probably benefit from considering a Live Streaming campaign. Social media live streaming can present your business with a bunch of fresh feedback and audience interactions.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the information? That’s okay. Give us a call and ask how you can improve your social media strategy by adding social media live streaming.