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Instagram In Healthcare Marketing: The Often Forgotten Social Media Platform

If you’re a millennial, this may not apply to you, but if you’re from generations that predated the existence of modern day Instagram culture then you may not really understand the importance of Instagram, nor the impact that it can have. In which case, here are 5 ways Instagram can help boost your healthcare marketing and bring new clients in.

The Business of Social Media Marketing and Social Media Influencer Relations

Each year new social media platforms are introduced, bringing new ideas, methods of sharing, and shifts in the tastes of consumers and businesses alike. Marketing departments are taking part in these conversations by creating platforms to engage with potential clients and social media influencers. Read more about how social media is changing and how your organization can get involved with social media influencers.

Social Media Live Streaming: Facebook Vs Instagram

 If you’re not experienced in social media marketing, new features such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live may come off as intimidating or confusing, but knowing how to use them can be your best asset in garnering new followings. Let’s look at some of the main features the two social media live streaming methods have to offer. 

Here's How To Scale Up Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Digital competition is rapidly evolving every second. Investing in high-quality healthcare marketing is essential, and here are 5 signs you need to act ASAP. 

5 Ways To Get More Online Patient Reviews

Cultivating online patient reviews is a process that takes time and effort, but here are 5 easy ways to get your healthcare practice reviewed online.