Instagram In Healthcare Marketing: The Often Forgotten Social Media Platform

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The task of simply running your own social media platforms, much less growing them, can feel like a full-time job - and that’s just the maintenance work! The fact is, growing your social media following takes time, practice, and specific social media knowledge. If you’re someone running your practice’s own social media accounts, chances are you’ve devoted some serious time to improving your Facebook and Twitter accounts’ followers. That’s great, but we’ve got one word of wisdom when it comes to social media for healthcare: don’t forget about Instagram!

If you’re a millennial, this may not apply to you, but if you’re from generations that predated the existence of modern day Instagram culture then you may not really understand the importance of Instagram, nor the impact that it can have.

Here are 5 ways Instagram can help boost your healthcare marketing and bring new clients in.

Instagram In Healthcare Marketing


Instagram Can Help Build Your Brand Story

You’ve heard the saying, “every person has a story,” well so does every business! Sharing your brand’s story can help you stand out as a distinct and unique identity, while also differentiating you from the competition and garnering interest, respect, and the trust of your audience.

Instagram can help achieve this by showing videos and photos that demystify your practice and procedures, introducing your clients to doctors and medical staff, promoting new equipment, products, and services; and sharing patient stories and testimonials.

Instagram Integrates Naturally With Other Social Media Platforms

One very good reason to have an Instagram account and to actively post and build your audience is that your Instagram account connects to your Facebook account. If you’re worried about starting a new platform, don’t worry because all of your contacts can switch over. Your contacts will be able to literally see behind the scenes footage and photo content that feels more personal than a simple “status update.” This interconnection between the two social media sites helps you offer more content to your current followers, and it helps you gain new ones! Not only this, but you will be able to offer higher quality content on Instagram, which your followers will appreciate. They’ll be able to look at photos, Instagram stories, live videos, specials and promotions, and so much more!

Instagram Amplifies Your Marketing And Social Media Messaging

Instagram offers users a very different medium through which to relay their message. For the most part, it relies on visual information, so it’s a great way to “show” not say what your message is all about. With Instagram, you can humanize your business by showing people actively going about their work, you can learn what kind of content resonates with your target audience, and take more time to craft great quality video and visual content that’s compelling, interesting, professional, and most importantly, shareable.

More Information

Now that we’ve (hopefully) convinced you on the importance of having Instagram as part of your social media marketing, we hope that you integrate it into your healthcare marketing strategy. If you would rather entrust your social media needs to a social media manager, we can help with that! After all, your priority is running your healthcare business. For more information on how we can help manage your social media accounts, contact us today!