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Inspiration is Everywhere: Healthcare Marketing Campaigns to Take Note Of

We all wish we came up with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014 that took social media by storm. Their campaign successfully raised awareness for an important cause while encouraging a fun challenge that required interaction. Isn't that what all marketing gurus are hoping for when they launch a creative campaign? Here's how to run your own incredible marketing campaign.

Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Instagram

If you aren't actively posting on various social media platforms, you may be sinning in the healthcare world. While there are many great platforms, Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media network. Instagram is an online mobile video, photo, and social networking service that enables people to snap pictures and record video, which can be shared throughout other social media platforms.

5 Ways to Make Your Patients Truly Feel Like Stars

Your patient’s satisfaction with your healthcare services is an important aspect of customer service. Patients become consumers when they go to the doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic. Improving customer satisfaction and providing patient-centered care should be an important part of your business. Social media and healthcare marketing are an important aspect of the mix for patient satisfaction. Continue Reading Article >

How to Embrace Millennials in your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

While traditional marketing efforts are targeting the Baby Boomers, new technology and a growing consumer market demands a new approach when targeting millennials. Their power and influence is growing dramatically and soon they will make up about one-third of the global population. In order to engage a new demographic, you need to know what motivates them. Here are some strategies to consider when marketing to millennials.

Dealing With Negative Reviews: Why It Matters

Addressing negative reviews is crucial in maintaining a positive image within the community. The fact of the matter is, most people only leave reviews under exceptional circumstances, and usually this falls under exceptionally bad circumstances. If we took the time out of our day to publicly compliment every business when we left in a standard, decent or good mood, we wouldn’t have time for the important things, like binge-watching Friends. So, why should you take the time out of your Netflix marathon to respond to negative reviews? Continue Reading Article >