Using Social Media To Target Women With Your Healthcare Marketing

using social media to target women with your healthcare marketing

Women are notoriously known as the healthcare decision-makers in their families, so it makes sense that they should be at the forefront of healthcare marketer's strategies.  Social media is a great way to engage with patients and their families, and women absolutely dominate that marketing field.  They are significantly more engaged on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest than men, while men lead the LinkedIn and YouTube user-base.  

Healthcare Communication News noted that women have 55% more posts on their walls than men and 8% more friends.  Additionally, each month there are 40 million more females utilizing Twitter than males.  Women also have an average of 140 more posts on Facebook than men.

In our experience, we’ve found that women are more apt to follow a local business and provide reviews online based on their experiences. Usually people only provide reviews if they have had a fantastic experience or terrible one, which is why promoting positive engagement on your social media pages is so important. By using Twitter and Facebook to reach out to female patients and potential patients, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with those with that wield the decision-making power in their families.

Since word-of-mouth has long been considered an influential referral stream in healthcare, healthcare marketers need to find a way to build buzz about their organization amongst their community. Social media is this generation’s hub for gathering recommendations, opinions and factoids about businesses, movies, music and yes, even healthcare providers.

The first step to successful marketing is knowing where your patients are, and the next most important step is getting in front of them.  By using the data from this infographic, you can more appropriately target the women in your community on social media.