How to Embrace Millennials in your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

how to embrace millennials in your healthcare marketing strategy, healthcare marketing

While traditional marketing efforts are targeting the Baby Boomers, new technology and a growing consumer market demands a new approach when targeting millennials. Their power and influence is growing dramatically and soon they will make up about one-third of the global population.

In order to engage a new demographic, you need to know what motivates them. Here are some strategies to consider when marketing to millennials:


Mobile is King

Technology is what this generation is built on. Therefore healthcare providers need to research how Millennials receive news and updates. In order to influence them, you have to meet them on the platforms that they spend the most time on. The first step any Millennial will take when facing a health issue is to Google it. Millenials even google healthcare doctors, so if a healthcare provider’s website doesn’t seem adequate, the patient’s trust is questioned.

Because they grew up with the newest online technology, millennials are more attuned to it than other generations. Ensuring that your website is functioning at the highest rate with an easy navigated system, attractive graphics, and relevant content is another way to help market your practice to this generation. Being present and digitally progressive is a must. They want to integrate healthcare into their world which means they want apps and other digital tools and sometimes providers fail to give them that.

Do Everything Instantly

Millennials do several tasks at once and they won't appreciate a company if they won't do the same. They expect immediate access to information and prefer to use their time efficiently. Therefore, they don't want to be tracking down information when it can be transferred digitally and available on demand. It's important for healthcare marketers to turn to emailing, text messaging, or online communication dashboards to simplify communications between their patients. Yes, there may be risks regarding to patient privacy, however companies can conduct risk analysis and implement a third party messaging solution to secure communications.

Authentic Content

When it comes to millennial marketing, they value authenticity. They discover so much information throughout the day and it can become tricky on what to trust. They seek validation they want a provider that is going to be there for them. Their behavior is inspired by people they know in person or online and they trust the opinions of others they relate to. Healthcare providers need to simply speak their language to establish a connection. When millennials hear language that could have come from the mouths of their peers, they feel comfort and trust in your company.

One of a Kind Service

In health care, it is important to take note that millennials want a system that is designed for them. They value personalization and a healthcare provider that is more in tune with their life, is what they need. Companies can invest in CRM software that can keep track of personal details of patients and have them integrated with other business systems. As a result, this will provide the one of a kind service that millennials crave.


At Atlantic Health Solutions, we value your healthcare practice and want to see you succeed. Our team of professionals understands the changing tides of technology and subsequently the changing tides of marketing. Whether you wishing to target millennials, referring physicians, etc., contact us to discuss your next step.