Healthcare Marketing: Why Patient Communication is Essential

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Patient communication is a vital part in clinical practice. If done well, it provides a therapeutic effect for the patient. Patients who understand their physicians are more likely to acknowledge health problems and their treatment options. Research has shown that effective communication can also help a patient's health as much as pharmaceutical drugs. However, some physicians don't take this communication seriously within their healthcare practice and here are some reasons why they should:

Patients want it

Patients are expecting way more in your practice than just coming in for appointments and calling in during office hours. They want to be able to check their test results and ask specific questions in their time, not yours. Practices should expand their communication channels so patients can engage on their own time. This will lead to a greater patient loyalty and a healthier bottom line for you practice. In healthcare marketing, it will increase satisfaction and lower marketing costs

Patient Retention Back in Focus

Improving communication channels can help bring retention back into your practice. Many physicians make the mistake of putting their time and energy of attracting new patients rather than making their current patients as happy as possible. By expanding communication, you up your retention level even at the same time you can attract new patients to your practice.

Steps to take

Knowing patient communication is key, here are steps a facility should follow:

  • Implement a training program built on the idea that effective patient communication is job number one.
  • Use surveys to determine if your hospital and medical professionals are excelling or falling behind in this area.

Overall, having a close connection to your patients will increase their trust in you which is essential to your practice. Patients would want your support through their medical decisions and they want a professional there to answer any questions they have. In opening communication, you are also expanding to other patients who need your help. If you're wanting to step up your healthcare marketing efforts, contact Atlantic Health Solutions to discuss your options.