Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Marketing in Healthcare

Over the years, the health care industry has shifted considerably. Health care practices and even hospitals are spending less marketing dollars on traditional advertising, they are searching for more innovative ways to reach patients while patients are engaging with physicians much more online. It used to be that hospitals would just spend a couple thousand dollars on a billboard or a commercial and they would consider that successful healthcare marketing.

That is no longer a reality.

Now, there so many other ways for health care providers to reach patients with inbound content marketing techniques, which enables healthcare marketers to actually track the success of their efforts. Our industry is filled with innovative leaders, paving the way and using modern methods to get in front of patients. The Cleveland Clinic, for instance, is infamous for their unique messaging and creative video marketing campaigns building their brand.

So which techniques are most effective for reaching patients? Does social media marketing really make a difference? 

We surveyed over 120 physicians, practice managers, nurses, office staff and technicians in 13 different markets across the U.S. to determine how they and their patients react to various forms of health care marketing. By comparing our case study’s findings with website traffic reports, we were able to determine that non-traditional forms of marketing are indeed the future of health care marketing.

The study includes statistics on the following subjects:

  • Popular websites for practices 
  • How practices engage with others online
  • Provider review sites
  • Patient volume acquisition
  • Website traffic referral

The statistics and snapshots we found show that social media is playing a significant role in directing patients to health care providers.  For instance, despite the practices' unique markets, we saw at least a 90% increase in referrals from Facebook.  If you’re considering transforming your marketing strategy, we can help!


Check out the full report here:


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