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6 Tips and Tricks for Marketing to Patients on Facebook

Saying that everyone is on Facebook would hardly be an exaggeration since there’s reportedly over 1 billion active Facebook users in the world right now. With so many users, Facebook has become one of the central communities for friends and family to connect with each other. In addition to pure social relationships, Facebook has also become an extremely effective resource for businesses to connect to their clients. Medical marketing is certainly not separate from the Facebook era either as Facebook turns out to be an excellent platform for medical practices to market to patients. Continue Reading Article >

5 Reasons Why Your Physicians Practice Needs Facebook

5 reasons your physicians practice needs facebook

Social media is a great way for your doctor’s office to utilize healthcare marketing. Facebook is an extremely popular social media platform that many businesses use to connect with customers. By creating a simple Facebook page for your Physician’s office you open the door to offering healthcare education, posting news, office updates, and reaching new customers. These are just a few of the many reasons why you need to create a Facebook page now!

Connect With Patients and Get Feedback

Facebook enables your practice to connect with patients and hear their concerns, input, and feedback. If problems arise you can address it directly by using this platform. Unless your physician is a magical center, you might run into a negative review on Facebook at some point. In the case that a negative review arises it's better if you are able to read it and respond directly to resolve the issue. You can turn that unhappy patient into a happy patient with a thoughtful response! This platform also helps you find out what health concerns patients have so you can add valuable online content that addresses their concerns. Overall, it is a useful tool to get to know your patients better and meet their needs.

It Improves Patient Education

Creating a business Facebook pages allows your practice the chance to improve patient education. This can be done through sharing informative articles or blog content that is posted on your website. This content can be an impactful way to inform patients about new procedures or advice on how to care for themselves. When it is written by a physician that they know, they are more likely to read and respect the advice. It gives your staff the opportunity to share other medical articles or websites with patients to keep them aware of changes in the medical field. This is an excellent medical marketing tool.

Promotes Physician Education and Networking

Networking, networking, networking! Your practice can connect with other doctors and observe how similar types of specialties are marketing to enhance your overall knowledge. Inspiration is everywhere and this is key to making your marketing strategy a great one! Facebook offers your practice the chance to interact with other physicians online and join groups or organizations that address medical issues. Learning from others helps you keep on top of your practice's marketing and connect with other physicians. Networking can be a way for others to learn about your practice and gain new patients.

Social Media Supports Your Patient Community

A chronic physical illness can be very isolating for patients. Facebook has many online support groups for cancer and other chronic illness that patients suffer from. If you have a Facebook page, you can provide a list of support groups that address your specialty. This gives patients a chance to connect with others suffering from the same disease. On your Facebook page you can start your own support group where patients can ask questions and get support from you and other patients. This opportunity can greatly affect your practice's ability to connect with patients in a way that you might not have been able to do so before. Giving patients a sense of control over their illness is priceless.

Extend the Reach of Your Practice and Get New Patients

A Facebook page is a great way to promote medical marketing. Those patients that you already have will often tell their friends about your practice. If others see someone they know commenting on your Facebook page, you increase your chances of connecting with a wider range of patients. Many people like to go to a doctor that someone they know uses. Social media promotes your physician's office, and it's free! When you live in a large city you can extend your marketing range to cities and towns nearby. This will bring in more patients for your office in no time!

By creating a Facebook page for your physician’s practice you can post patient success stories, share videos and promote special events. If you a holding a fundraiser or special event this is the best place to post it. Often patients will tell others about your office which will increase the amount of new patients for your practice. Another point is you can control your reputation through Facebook by addressing patient concerns. 

By Joan Russell