What To Expect During Our Client Onboarding Lunch & Learn

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The digital revolution of the last twenty years has brought undeniable benefits to the way we interact with others, particularly with strangers in business settings. While these benefits have helped expedite procedures and streamline what used to be tedious processes, the negative aspect has been the loss of face-to-face interactions.

To counter this, our client onboarding Lunch & Learn is meant to provide incoming clients with a chance to get to know who we are, and vice versa. Here is everything else you need to know about step 4 of 5 of our Onboarding Process: the Client Onboarding Lunch & Learn.

New Client Onboarding Lunch & Learn

Meeting in person provides insights and encourages communication in a way technology cannot match. That is why at Atlantic Health Solutions we go the extra mile to give our client onboarding process a more personal touch with a chance to meet in person.

This opportunity is, of course, optional. You don’t have to fly across the country to meet us, but if you do want to meet, or if your healthcare company is local, then we highly encourage a Lunch & Learn!

Why Attend A Client Onboarding Lunch & Learn?

This meeting allows us to meet our new clients in person, which allows us to learn about their services first-hand. The meeting is also the client’s chance to tell us all about their procedures, patients, services, and additional challenges.

Though the Lunch & Learn is not required, some of our clients have loved taking advantage of it because it allows our team to get to know your services and specific practices in a deep-dive session. It also allows us to ask questions up front and learn about any preferences the client may have well ahead of the curve.

Basically, it eliminates a lot of the back and forth down the line and allows the client to go about their normal life without fielding questions from our team.

What To Expect During A Lunch & Learn

Think about this as your opportunity to give us a rundown on the basic ins and outs of your practice - it can be as surface level or in-depth as you want it to be! We conducted a Lunch & Learn when onboarding one of our local clients, Tampa Bay Reflux Center. During this Lunch and Learn, their chief surgeon walked through the in-depth presentation about gastroesophageal reflux disease that he usually gives to new patients and presents at conferences.

That presentation armed our team with specific information about the condition, its symptoms, and the three separate surgical GERD treatment options (including their pros and cons) that Tampa Bay Reflux Center provides. We learned how to approach the conversation about reflux, what terms to emphasize, and what treatment options to stay away from. We met for just one hour, but that gave us enough information to hit the ground running, and saved our client several back and forth emails and calls about the services they provide.

More Information

To learn more about our team at Atlantic Health Solutions, feel free to give us a call to see how we can help your healthcare marketing need! If you’d like to receive our free Onboarding Process Evaluation/Proposal, you can fill out our Client Onboarding Details form, commitment free! Visit our blog next week to learn about the fifth and final step of our onboarding process: the Strategic Plan. See you then!