Case Study: Here’s How To Convert More Patient Appointments On Your Website

Practices need to find ways to use digital marketing to grow patient volume - gone are the days of referring physicians being the only way to get more patients. Check out this case study where we share what we did to grow a practice’s online patient requests by over 75%.

SEO Competitor Analysis: How To Win The Competition Online

SEO competitor analysis is an effective technique to learn how to have higher search engine ranking and have your website positioned ahead of your competitors. Read more... 

5 SEO Tips for Improving Your Healthcare Practice's Organic Ranking

Earned search rankings are becoming increasingly important as websites fight for visitors in the overly saturated healthcare marketing world. When every view counts, making it to the first page of Google search results may be just as thrilling as landing a story on the front cover of the New York Times. Effective search engine optimization can improve the visibility of a website and increase traffic leading to more patients. Continue reading article>

SEO: Tricks for Healthcare Marketing Success

Are you a healthcare marketer with a small marketing budget? Well, you don’t have to hire some big shot healthcare search engine optimization expert to improve your website’s organic rankings. The reality is that we are spending less and less each year on healthcare marketing, always looking for more cost effective strategies and doing more with less. Working with healthcare marketing agencies that have proven results is of course ideal, but there are a few small daily activities you can be doing yourself. Here's a list of SEO tips and tricks to boost your healthcare marketing success. Continue Reading Article >