4 Big Ways Your Healthcare Practice Can Benefit From YouTube

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Increasingly, patients gain more and more knowledge about healthcare. YouTube is one of the most prominent social media platforms that has truly made a difference and is responsible for revolutionizing videos on all subject matter. Healthcare videos have popped up all over YouTube centering on surgery, tests, human anatomy how to deliver CPR, etc. Videos are an entertaining way to deliver valuable information in our fast paced world. So, will your healthcare practice jump on board and capitalize on this growing trend?

Gain New Patients Through Entertainment

A video on YouTube gives the patient a professional view of your practice and staff. It can humanize your practice and provide useful information in an entertaining way. A well made video can establish your credibility and expertise to patients. Often it will be viewed by many people increasing your chance of getting new patients. Videos are a high impact social media tool. 

Expand Your Potential Patients Reach

Most consumers today use the Internet to search for various information. Fortunately, YouTube hasn’t left out healthcare as there are thousands of many videos on healthcare topics. Often hospitals find that videos increases traffic to their website and over the years it has increased traffic to healthcare practices over 119%.

Many users use cell phones and tablets to find information and like videos because they are entertaining and easy to watch. By widening your audience, you’re enabling your practice to potentially reel in a pool of new patients.

Create Your Own Channel and Use It Is A Search Engine

YouTube is known as the best site to bring in traffic for your videos. On this social media platform, you can create your own channel where your audience can find your videos. It is also the second largest search engine next to Google creating an opportunity for your practice to move up in the search engine ranking. Creating your own channel on YouTube is another powerful tool for healthcare marketing.

Engage With The Online Community

Healthcare organizations have many holidays and themed awareness program to promote and market information. Using YouTube to make a video about what you’re doing for a special healthcare promotion like Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Heart Awareness Month can generate a plethora of views. You can show how a test is performed or how to use new medical devices. Providing patients with useful information about new techniques or products engages them to keep coming back for more.

At Atlantic Health Solutions, we research, write, and design video content for your healthcare agency. We can gladly can help you set up a channel on YouTube and grow your online presence. Contact Atlantic Health Solutions today to learn more about our marketing solutions for the healthcare industry!

By Joan Russell