7 Tips for Using Content in Your Marketing Automation

7 benefits of content marketing in marketing automation

You may have heard “content marketing” get thrown around, but what it is and why does it matter as a part of your marketing automation strategy? Content marketing is a way to message your healthcare business' services and promote your brand in a cost-effective way. It is a major factor in helping your practice increase your search engine ranking as well. Content marketing offers many tangible and intangible benefits to healthcare practices, but here are seven benefits of utilizing content marketing to feed your overall marketing automation goals.

The Many Benefits of Content Marketing

Site Traffic and Improved SEO

Quality content will not only attract more patients to your practice's website but also keep them there longer. Creating content that details your products or services will allow new customers to learn more about your practice and what you offer, but will also help you get insight into how your visitors are engaging with your site. No one will stay on a page if there is either a lack of digestible content or useless content. Make sure you’re providing value to your visitors - otherwise, all your content will be for nothing!

Tips for Using Content for Marketing Automation:

  1. Repurpose High Performers - If you have blog posts (like this one) that perform really well either organically or on social media, you'll know that the content is valuable and that people are interested in the topic. Let the Google Analytics data speak for itself - if random people are interested in your article, then the contacts in your lead funnel will likely find it valuable as well!
  2. Use Blogs to Influence Offers - Again, your blog content that performs well should give you insight into what your potential patients or clients are in search of. Take your blog a step further by offering a download (like a checklist) that's related to your articles but give a little more added value. Now you'll know that lead is even more qualified.
  3. Creating Forms in Content - You've taken the time to optimize your blog "winners" and have developed valuable offers - now you need to gate your content by putting it behind a contact form. Linking your contact to your CRM makes your automation job a WHOLE LOT easier.
  4. Use Facebook Lead Ads - The newest Facebook advertising format allows you to use your content on Facebook to collect leads within the Facebook app. Facebook research has shown a big spike in Mobile usage and has also shown that people are more likely to complete a form if they don't have to jump from Facebook's mobile app to another app or website.
  5. Use Insight to Build Automation Funnels - Use Google Analytics or a tool like Full Story to get insights into how your visitors are engaging with your content. For instance, if they click an article about Botox, for example, then go on to read another article about Dysport, then read an article about the costs of the two injectables... you should use that insight to create marketing automation steps for other patients. It provides them with the valuable content they need before they even know it.
  6. Consider Automation with AI - If you think "AI" or artificial intelligence has no place in your practice's marketing strategy - you would be incorrect. A service like Growlabs can help you put your funnel sequences together and you can upload your contacts to have them receive emails that will be helpful to them when it makes sense. You don't have to run A/B tests for subject lines and email copy because Growlabs uses machine learning and AI to test these items - so your emails perform as well as they can without you lifting a finger.
  7. Use CTAs in Content to Segment - Segmented email lists statistically perform significantly better - because you're able to serve them with much more specific and valuable content. When you're sending out an initial email and you only have aa list of general contacts - using specific CTAs can help you segment your email contacts and help funnel them into your automation segments.

To learn more about the benefits of content marketing for healthcare contact Atlantic Health Solutions to discuss the best content marketing strategy for your healthcare business. We would be more than happy to assist your practice with any of your marketing efforts.