Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Instagram

Why your healthcare practice needs Instagram

If you aren't actively posting on various social media platforms, you may be sinning in the healthcare world. While there are many great platforms, Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media network. Instagram is an online mobile video, photo, and social networking service that enables people to snap pictures and record video, which can be shared throughout other social media platforms. For your healthcare practice, this is an easy method for you to share visual content with potential patients while marketing your healthcare brand.

Instagram Statistics

When you have 300,000,000 million Instagram users actively using a social media app, it’s probably beneficial to research the phenomenon if you are a healthcare marketer. Instagram has the highest engagement rates of any social network, and users have been said to average around 257 minutes on Instagram each month. This social media tool continues to grow, especially with the millennials. 

Instagram & Healthcare Branding

Most people love looking at pictures and watching videos online no matter it is--someone's food, current view, lip syncing abilities, you name it. Folks love their visual content, and if your healthcare practice has Instagram, this allows you the chance to take quick photographs and immediately share them with your followers. This simple method can attract new patients, slowly help your practice to accumulate a following, and network across the healthcare spectrums with other working professionals that will help you to continue to medical market your brand. 

What Type of Photos Should Doctor’s Take?

It depends on what kind of theme you want to establish for your healthcare practice. You can take pictures that reflect a stern, strictly professional demeanor, or you might want to take pictures that are professional while being fun and energetic. I believe the best kinds of healthcare social media marketing campaigns, especially using Instagram are photos or videos that may promote your new products or services; like pictures of you working with your patients (with their approval of course) and videos and pictures of your staff and office, industry events, and useful healthcare tips.

Establish Long Lasting Bonds with Patients

Healthcare patients are people as well. They enjoy being a part of your online network and community. When your healthcare practice opens up and shares its stories, this is likely to make people want to become your patients because of the bonds that can be formed through Instagram. While Instagram is a fast-paced social media tool in a busy world, the photos and videos can record memories of the doctor and patient that will create a bond that will last long after the video is shot or the photo is snapped.

If your healthcare practice hasn't already made the jump to Instagram, then now is the perfect time to start. Instagram can be utilized in numerous ways, all of which can garner potential for your healthcare marketing strategy. Social media is the quickest way to connect with current patients and potential patients. So, make sure your healthcare practice is taking advantage of this free marketing tool.