The ABC's of Content Marketing

the abcs of content marketing

Content marketing is important to doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers for communications with patients, vendors, and for attracting new business. Websites need healthcare marketing in order toengage the reader and help businesses entice new patients or clients. A professional healthcare marketing agency can help you develop a plan to improve your content marketing.

Use Fresh Relevant Content

Provide useful content that give patients important information on new procedures, how to use your online insurance forms, make an appointment or make decisions about new products. A new trend called news jacking is commenting on breaking medical news that is current. This can be a new drug for treating an illness or test kit on the market. Has your hospital or clinic been awarded for a new treatment or breakthrough than write an article about it?

Introduce your staff by writing profiles and articles about their professional background and what they do. Make an effort to humanize your business and make your staff seem accessible to patients. Snap photos of your staff and be sure to include them in articles and case studies to put a face to a name!

Make a Professional Video About Your Services

More consumers are using mobile devices like cell phones and tablets from work. Videos are very popular often bringing impact due to having both images and content. Make a few videos to have on the website on innovative procedures or tests that you offer. A video giving a tour of your office or department is often quite effective. A professional video will help with medical marketing. With YouTube, Facebook, and sites like Vimeo show there are many way to promote your video.

Write An FAQ Page That Answers Common Questions

Write up a common question and answer page to save your office staff for more important work. Take the question you often get asked and answer them. It does not have to be overly technical but will save you the trouble of answering the same questions over and over again. It will give staff more time to make appointments and deal with patients.  

Common questions are often how to make an appointment, deal with insurance plans, bill payments, equipment needed, what type of treatments are offered. Often patients want to know the credentials of the doctor and staff or HIPPA policies. These are just a few examples of question you should include.

Focus on Wellness

Create content that focuses on wellness not just illness. Diets that help the patient recover while being treated, exercise, and lifestyle changes that help cope with daily living. Create a blog by a doctor, nurse or therapist that discusses some of these topics. Tell stories of patient success those that recovered and how. This is certainly the type of content that users online want to read.

Develop Social Media and Mobile Formats

About 41% of patients base their decision of choosing a hospital or doctor on social media. Social media connects you to your patients and often brings in new ones. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms let you publish different type of content daily. It helps you see what people are saying about your hospital or doctor’s office. A medical marketing agency can help control or improve negative press.

Create blogs, podcasts, and brief comments to connect with patients. Keep mobile users in mind by optimizing all sites for mobile use. American uses 60% of their time using mobile devices at work, when shopping, in the car, and at home. Mobile has less space so longer content might be more effective as a list of articles the reader can click on. You phone number should be displayed easily and prominently. Often if content does not load quickly the user will go elsewhere.

Medical marketing, content strategy and social media are an important part of content marketing. We can help you design a customized plan for your business to increase your visibility and improve content impact. Contact Atlantic Health Solutions here and schedule a call to discuss your marketing situation today!

By Joan Russell