Catching Your Reader’s Pinterest: How Pinterest Can Help You Market Healthcare Services

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In the most technology-infused era to ever exist, social media marketing is a critical aspect of life. Despite your personal feelings about social networking, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily, neither are healthcare services. So here are a few ways that you can use social media platforms—in particular, Pinterest—to market your healthcare services:

1.     Pinterest makes your healthcare services seen—literally.

By marketing your healthcare services through Pinterest, you represent your services through “pins,” or picture-based posts. Pictures are worth a thousand words and the immeasurable opportunity to make your healthcare services recognizable. Through affiliating your healthcare services with a picture of smiley-faced Jen feeling very satisfied with her most recent mammogram, or a picture of little Steven wrestling post experiencing a successfully healed wrist fracture, they become real. Visual stimulation psychologically yields a personal identification. Hence, when individuals have an image to affiliate with your healthcare services, they become truly interested in seeing the services first-hand.

2.     Pinterest makes your healthcare services heard again… and again… and again.

When people become interested in something, they tell other people. Hence, when people find tell-all-my-friends-about-it material on Pinterest—like your humanized, visually-manifested healthcare services—they can share pins with their closest 1,936 Pinterest followers. And, when pins contain easily-applicable hyperlinks, repins can ultimately mean the rapid spread of your healthcare services’ main website. By discovering and sharing with users who are likely to find your services relevant in the first place, Pinterest assures that there will be people eager to spread information about your services.

3.     Pinterest makes your healthcare services tangible.

Saving and repinning posts allows individuals to feel physically involved with your healthcare services on Pinterest. Not to mention, the ability to comment on pins adds another dimension of interactivity. Individuals can post questions about your healthcare services on the services’ pins and you can respond directly. Hence, Pinterest keeps your healthcare services “in touch.”

4.     Pinterest makes your healthcare services’ marketing progress so clear, you can practically taste it.

Pinterest Analytics serves as a feature of Pinterest that allows organizations to track their outreach. It shows which of your pins people like most, reveals which genders and locations people who save and share your pins comprise, and guides you on how to best captivate referral traffic from Pinterest to your main website. Pinterest Analytics spells out how to best market your healthcare services by identifying which techniques are proven to work for you.

5.     Ultimately, Pinterest makes your healthcare services downright sensible.

Many individuals have multiple great options when it comes to selecting a certain type of healthcare service. Thankfully, Pinterest makes your healthcare services stand out! By making your services seen, heard, and even felt, Pinterest brings your services to life.

So remember, despite what your personal feelings are about social networking, it can shape individuals’ ability to see how distinct and exceptional your healthcare services really are—especially when they’re pinned.