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Catching Your Reader’s Pinterest: How Pinterest Can Help You Market Healthcare Services

In the most technology-infused era to ever exist, social networking is a critical aspect of life. Despite your personal feelings about social networking, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily, neither are healthcare services. So here are a few ways that you can use social networking—in particular, Pinterest—to market your healthcare services.

Top 3 Image Content Tools Marketing Companies Love

As any healthcare marketing company has probably realized, not every marketer on their team is tech-savvy when it comes to creating image content. Unless they’ve had specific training or experience with Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, then it is most likely best that have a better tool to help them create images in an easier, more simple manner, especially for their simple projects.

5 Ways to Make Your Patients Truly Feel Like Stars

Your patient’s satisfaction with your healthcare services is an important aspect of customer service. Patients become consumers when they go to the doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic. Improving customer satisfaction and providing patient-centered care should be an important part of your business. Social media and healthcare marketing are an important aspect of the mix for patient satisfaction. Continue Reading Article >

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Healthcare Marketing Agency

In recent years, medical marketing has become much more expansive as the marketing techniques and capacities have grown through the age of the internet. New and improved platforms have resulted in new and improved marketing strategies for medical practices. However, with the development of many newer marketing ideas, such as healthcare social media, it can be difficult for any practice to manage their own marketing strategies. Continue Reading Article >

7 Tips for Using Content in Your Marketing Automation

You may have heard “content marketing” get thrown around, but what it is and why does it matter? Content marketing is a way to market your healthcare business and promote your brand cost effectively. It is a major factor in helping your practice increase your search engine ranking. Content marketing offers many tangible and intangible benefits to the healthcare industry, so here’s our top seven benefits. Continue Reading Article >