Impact Of Social Media Platforms On Medical Marketing

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It’s safe to say that social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook completely dominate as online marketing platforms. Though they’re still relatively new, these platforms have already become established authorities and there’s an expectation from the public that brands will have an active presence on them.

Social media platforms like the ones listed above are more than just a place where people stay connected and millennials share memes, they’re also the go-to source for information on a business or a brand. Consumers look to these websites to determine the scope, purpose, and credibility of a business, as well as to determine whether they offer something they’re interested in. Research like this is part of becoming an educated consumer, and that’s why it is important for a healthcare business to create the image you want for your healthcare practice or business through online marketing.

Impact Of Social Media Platforms On Healthcare Practices and Other Healthcare Companies

Imagine going to a business whose website claims it is “high-tech, organized, and clean” only to get there and realize it is actually outdated and poorly managed. This is where social media comes into play. When a person navigates through a business’ website, they see controlled content that only shows a fraction of the true face of the business. On the other hand, social media pages for the same business allow the consumer to interact and share reviews. Gaining a good following and getting plenty of reviews can boost a business’s credibility as trustworthy and worthwhile.

A business’s reputation is key to its success, especially in medical practices. Who would want to trust their health care to a medical center with bad social media reviews? Social media is mostly user-generated content, and these users hold a lot of power. People can say anything about a company, be it true or not, and these things could tarnish a company’s reputation. This is why it is so important for doctors to manage their pages. In addition, a social media page for a healthcare company can also allow the people who work in it to be more transparent about their company culture, who they are, and what a patient can actually expect from them.

If you are someone who runs a healthcare practice or company and you’ve been in business for a while, then it’s already true that people are talking about it. Having a social media presence will allow you to be actively involved in the conversation. And, by being a part of these conversations, you and your teammates can gain some control over where the conversation goes and even gain the power to direct it into a more positive light. Social media in healthcare is all about learning how to enhance the positives and control the negatives.

Healthcare Marketing Tips For Brands On Social Media

With all that being said, it’s not always easy to start successfully engaging on social media as a healthcare brand. Here are 4 online healthcare marketing tips to get you set on the right track and to help set you apart from other healthcare businesses.

1.    Respond to all positive and negative posts within 24 hours.

2.    Post at least 3 times a week on your Facebook page.

3.    Boost high performing posts, Facebook will tell you which these are!

4.    Have a personality! Set yourself apart! Don’t be boring.

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