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20 Questions To Ask A Healthcare Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

When you’re looking for a healthcare marketing agency to promote your medical practice or healthcare startup, how do you find the one that is best for you, especially as a smaller healthcare organization?Well, that will depend on your needs and goals. Either way, make sure to ask the following questions to know you're getting what you want and need out of a healthcare marketing agency. 

Why You Should Hire A Healthcare Marketing Agency For Your Practice

Having a marketing company on your side makes a world of difference when trying to expand your reach. That being said, not all marketing agencies are a good fit for your specific organization, and hiring the right healthcare marketing agency is very important to the overall success of your brand. Read more to learn about the benefits of choosing a healthcare marketing agency to represnent your healthcare practice's marketing needs. 

The Art of People Watching: Learning From Other Marketing Groups While Staying Original

We know what works because we’re people-watchers. We track trends on social media, email marketing, and SEO, and our content reflects that. But that’s not all we do. We watch other healthcare marketing companies, too. We learn from their findings, their patient preferences, and what works for them. Marketing is a collaborative medium. We work together within our team, with our clients, and with others in the world. All three work together with just as much importance

5 Ways to Make Your Patients Truly Feel Like Stars

Your patient’s satisfaction with your healthcare services is an important aspect of customer service. Patients become consumers when they go to the doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic. Improving customer satisfaction and providing patient-centered care should be an important part of your business. Social media and healthcare marketing are an important aspect of the mix for patient satisfaction. Continue Reading Article >

Healthcare Marketing: Why Patient Communication is Essential

Patient communication is a vital part in clinical practice. If done well, it provides a therapeutic effect for the patient. Patients who understand their physicians are more likely to acknowledge health problems and their treatment options. Research has shown that effective communication can also help a patient's health as much as pharmaceutical drugs. However, some physicians don't take this communication seriously within their healthcare practice and here are some reasons why they should. Continue Reading Article >