5 Ways to Make Your Patients Truly Feel Like Stars

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Your patient’s satisfaction with your healthcare services is an important aspect of customer service. Patients become consumers when they go to the doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic. Improving customer satisfaction and providing patient-centered care should be an important part of your business. Social media and healthcare marketing are an important aspect of the mix for patient satisfaction. Atlantic Health Solutions can design a program that makes your customers feel like stars.

Below are five ways to make your customers feel like stars.

Train Staff to Handle Complaints

One of the worst things you can do is not listen to your patients. When patients have a complaint your staff needs to address the problem. Designing a form on your website or having one available at the office where patients can submit complaints or a criticism shows you’re willing to listen.

Appointing a staff member to deal with complaints paves the way to resolutions. Good customer service means trying to resolve the problem by listening and understanding the situation. Often the patients just want to be heard and understood. When you listen to complaints and attempt to solve the problem, this ensures that the patient feels understood and important. Teach all of your staff members how to handle patient complaints effectively.

Find Ways to Reduce Wait Times and Enhance the Patient Experience

Waiting in a doctor’s office long periods of time can be a tiring experience. When someone has a long wait, a staff member should promptly warn them with an accurate time frame of the wait time. Sometimes patients are left to wait without any clarification which can hurt their experience at your practice. By simply information the patient about whatever the dilemma is, it allows them to understand the situation. When you keep them in the loop, they often can forgive inconveniences and mistakes.

However, that’s only half of the equation. A patient can be forgiving of a longer than usual wait, but that doesn’t mean they will enjoy waiting. Having a TV in the waiting room, magazines, books, etc., ensure a pleasurable waiting experience. This gives patients something to read or watch while waiting for the doctor or nurse which can pass the time quickly.

Call Them by Their Name and Cater to their Preferences

When you call your patient’s by name, you make them feel important. Training your staff to learn each patient’s preferences and hang-ups show you have empathy for their situations and care about them. For example, if a patient has a fear of needles showing empathy when you draw blood or give injections makes their experience less stressful. Understanding and empathy are the keys to good patient relations.

Use Social Media to Improve Communication

Using social media to improve communication between your staff and patients is a great tactic. Appoint a staff member to keep track of Facebook posts or other social media platforms that you use. This gives patients the opportunity to contact you and receive a quick response. Your availability and interest will make them feel special.

Social media provides effective tools for patient educations and answering medical questions. A staff member can direct the question to doctors or nurses when they do not know the answers. Your patient will feel like a star knowing they will get a quick response from your staff.

Use Social Media to Connect Patients and Educate Them

Social media builds a sense of community among patients going to the same hospital or doctor’s office. with others in Set up a Facebook Page where patients can share health information and personal stories. This makes the patient feel important and gives them a chance to connect the same situation. Providing useful health information on the website and forums to discuss wellness and treatment means you care about the patient and their well being. Assigning a staff member or healthcare agency like Atlantic Healthcare Solutions to moderate your social media pages helps you keep the experience positive for both your patients and staff.

Customer satisfaction is important to patient-centered care and patient appreciation. Atlantic Health Solutions can help you design an effective marketing and social media program that emphasizes patient satisfaction and care. Contact us to learn more about your marketing options! We would love to discuss your goals and determine the appropriate strategy for your healthcare practice.