Inspiration is Everywhere: Healthcare Marketing Campaigns to Take Note Of

healthcare marketing campaign ideas

We all wish we came up with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014 that took social media by storm. Their campaign successfully raised awareness for an important cause while encouraging a fun challenge that required interaction. Isn't that what all marketing gurus are hoping for when they launch a creative campaign?

If you’re looking for healthcare marketing ideas, look no further. Our team at Atlantic Health Solutions has created, designed, and executed successful marketing campaigns for dozens of healthcare based groups. Our work below speaks for itself:

First, meet Dave

We introduce Dave as someone who has his life together and makes it his mission to pinch pennies. Dave comes across as totally relatable - who isn’t looking to save some extra money, especially on medical expense? Dave is also just learning about Save On Medical, queue our commercial. This campaign centered on really connecting with the audience in an easy, friendly, and understandable way while spreading the message about Save On Medical.

Healthcare is something many simply accept as expensive. It’s a confusing industry with lots of red tape and jargon, so many patients simply don’t realize how to save money on these procedures or appointments. Save On Medical’s main goal is to save their users money, and that’s what this advertisement gets to the heart of.

Second, get creative.

healthcare marketing campaign ideas

Everyone expects to receive a Valentine’s Day card from their loved ones, or at least they hope. People don't typically associate Valentine's day with anything medical, but that’s what our team at Atlantic Health Solutions set out to do for Save On Medical. Reminding their audience that, “Poems are hard. Saving money on health care doesn’t have to be.”

The best marketing campaigns open our eyes to things we already know. The challenge isn’t in the information. It’s how the information is presented. Just like Dave, it’s no surprise that we are all trying to save money on healthcare, but an ad like the one above focuses on reminding patients that saving money is possible, and it’s surprisingly not hard.

Third, meet the team.

healthcare marketing campaign ideas

International Society for Computed Tomography (ISCT) is a non-profit organization that hosts an annual symposium to collaborate and discuss new technology innovations. In order to spruce things up for a traditionally boring, medical industry, we created a campaign that introduced a standard radiology team as characters from Star Wars. Super cute, right? 

As you may know, healthcare and radiology can be incredibly confusing and is often associated with feelings of nervousness, fear, or dread. If a patient is nervous about an upcoming radiology exam or procedure, relating the team back to something accessible like Star Wars will make the patient feel more at home. Not only does the pop culture reference make things accessible, fresh, and interesting, but the patient will likely feel more at ease which is always our main goal.

Lastly, Get In Touch With Atlantic Health Solutions.

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